Egelhof & Müller Modellbau accompanies and supports its clients through all developing, planning, construction and fabrication stages.

The very latest in technology, skilled manufacturing techniques and, naturally, an intensive interchange of ideas with the customer are the basis for ideal solutions, meeting all requirements in the process.

Experience and comprehensive know-how in the procedures mentioned above ensure expert realisation of projects. This involves the inspection of all possibilities with respect to fabrication, selection of materials and the entire manufacturing process. Egelhof & Müller Modellbau shows flexibility in adapting to a variety of working conditions and is fully committed to the integration of innovative solutions. Naturally Egelhof & Müller Modellbau is only satisfied with the very best in quality thus offering cost-conscious service and, most importantly, punctual completion of all projects.

It is not by pure chance that Egelhof & Müller Modellbau is a certified management. The company has been awarded the DIN EN ISO 9001:2008 approval mark.